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Performance function of diamond blade

By sam888 at 2021-11-10 • 0 collector • 90 pageviews

    Diamond blades have the characteristics of high strength, high tensile strength, good heat transfer and wear resistance, and can obtain high machining accuracy and high production efficiency in rapid drilling.

    The above characteristics of diamond blades are determined by the condition of diamond crystals. In diamond crystals, the four valence electrons of carbon atoms form bonds in a tetrahedral structure, and each carbon atom generates chemical bonds with four adjacent molecules to form a diamond structure. The combination and specificity of the structure are very strong, which makes the diamond possess extremely high toughness.

    Because the structure of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a fine crystalline diamond calcined body with different trends, its strength and wear resistance are still less than that of single crystal diamond despite the addition of a fluxing agent.

    However, because the PCD calcined body is mainly anisotropic, it is not easy to crack along a single cleavage.

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