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What are the uses and types of diamond saw blades

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    Diamond saw blades have room for development both in technology and in the market, but there is a big gap in the level, type, scope of application, and production technology of saw blades.

    Therefore, with the further development of technology, the use of diamond saw blades will continue to expand, and the market will continue to grow. It is mainly used for the processing of materials such as stone, glass, ceramics, crystals, gems, cast iron, and the construction of houses, roads, bridges and other projects.

    At the same time, with the continuous updating and aging of saw blade production technology, its application fields are still expanding, and it is also widely used in many developed countries.

    So what are the main types of diamond saw blades? How to differentiate?

    From the appearance, it can be divided into appearance, and can be divided into:

    1. Continuous blade saw blade:

    Continuous serrated diamond saw blades are generally made by sintering method. Bronze binder is usually used as the basic matrix material. Water must be added during cutting to ensure the cutting effect. The type of slit can be cut by laser.

    2. Knife head saw blade:

    The saw teeth are intermittent and the cutting speed is fast. It is suitable for dry and wet cutting methods.

    3. Turbine saw blade:

    Combining the advantages of the above two, the saw teeth appear turbulent and uniform convex and concave successively, which are improved to increase the cutting speed and increase the service life.

    According to the production process, diamond saw blades can be divided into:

    1. Welded diamond saw blade:

    Divided into high frequency welding and laser welding. High-frequency welding uses a high-temperature melting medium to weld the cutter head and the base body together. Laser welding processes the high-temperature laser beam to melt the contact edge of the cutter head and the substrate, forming a metallurgical bond.

    2. Electroplated diamond saw blade:

    The saw blade powder is attached to the substrate by electroplating.

    Different types of saw blades are used for different materials, and different types of formulas are suitable for the characteristics of different materials, which will affect the quality, function and pass rate of data products.

    Original address:https://www.wanlongmachines.com/how-long-can-diamond-saw-blades-last/

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