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When it comes to physical appearance, cankles might be the most dreaded scenario possible. This slang word describes the lower leg when the calf and ankle do not have a clearly defined separation. It appears that they are one fluid, continuous body part. This is often the case when the individual’s calf muscles are not developed, or they have a substantial amount of adipose tissue (fat) surrounding their lower leg.

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Your body has its own unique set of characteristics, including height, weight, and body type. But you can effectively tone up and change the shape of different body parts through healthy eating and weight training.

Keep in mind: Building muscle is achieved more effectively when you engage in training that includes resistance exercises, instead of simply doing cardiovascular exercises such as running.

Incorporating a few calf muscle exercises three to four times a week along with following a sensible diet can make a difference in the shape of your lower leg.

Not only will your two calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) get stronger, but you will become leaner. Weight training also helps tone your muscles, improving your appearance and fighting age-related muscle loss.

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