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The runner’s high

Runner’s high refers to the exhilarating feeling that athletes feel while running and even after a race. It is a peculiarly amazing feeling that comes from a great sense of euphoria, sedation, anxiolysis, and analgesia that surges after an extended period of exercise such as long-distance running. This may mean running for up to 45 minutes, an hour, or more as observable in marathons. A similar concept is in boat riding where the rowers experience the rower’s high.

This happens at a level of high synchronicity that often leads to high performance in the participating teams. There is often a coordinated breathing and motion rhythm likewise dep focus which is enjoyable overall. Reaching a runner’s high is mostly dependent on the level of confidence obtained in training, conditioning, and mental state. Beginners often have to be quite patient while starting with a moderate running speed in order to warm up. When fatigue sets in, they are urged to pick up the pace a bit immediately afterward. Where most beginners often stop is when the unpleasant sensations come in, the best thing to do is to maintain a consistent pace. You might need to slow down a little bit so you do not burn out. When you feel an immense surge of energy that increases your speed, use it. The runner’s high will settle in after a while.

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