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Going back about 5 years or so I started a group called Happy Helpers. When I was going to church I was asked to be a leader of a group of singles between 18-30 year olds.

We were heading into winter one year and I remember thinking really how do I homeless people survive the cold. So I organised an activity for all of us to get our old warm clothes together to head out to Manly one night to give away to the homeless. Now it is my understanding that some of the bigger organisations do you help the homeless in many other ways but sometimes it’s a bit harder for the homeless to get clothes. So we met at my house there was roughly about 30 of us all armed with warm clothes. I had a girlfriend at the time literally just finished playing State of Origin. I distinctly remember this one guy who he gave his New South Wales jacket to.

As we carried on throughout the night we made our way back to the cars past the first lot of homeless people that we saw. When we walked past the guy who got the jacket off my friend Will we saw that he had it on. This was one of the best moments that I can remember. Because of that experience I decided to start the group happy helpers. This turned out to be such a good initiative as we had so many people joining every month. It was such an awesome experience and an eye-opener to hear Some of the stories. It really made us appreciate what we have and it was good because a lot of my younger cousins would come and some of my nieces and nephews.

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