Hex Nut Wholesaler Introduces The Processing Characteristics Of Blackened Hexagonal Bolts

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Hex Nut Wholesaler introduces the processing technology of blackened hexagonal bolts:

1. Low-temperature blackening: The quality of the hexagonal bolt low-temperature blackening process is better than that of the same industry. The processed workpiece has a firm black film, good bonding force, dark after oil seal, and a certain degree of wear resistance. It meets the national standard GB/T15519, but it cannot be compared with high temperatures.

2. High-temperature blackening: Hexagonal bolts have excellent high temperature blackening effect, good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, blackening film bonding force is very strong, the surface of the processed workpiece has abrasion resistance, anti-friction, and anti-abrasion. Anti-seize, anti-fatigue, corrosion resistance, and self-lubricating properties.

3. Optical matting and blackening: The optical matting and blackening process of hexagon bolts is processed by a special method to obtain a matt, non-reflective black oxide film and blackening film with strong binding force, firmness, no dust, and better wear resistance good.

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