Shell Shockers takes place on several different maps

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Shell Shockers is a fantastic io game that doesn't require the use of an aimbot! Players from all over the globe are attempting to gain points by breaking your shell with deadly weaponry. It will be up to you to avoid their strikes and cause them to explode in an egg white explosion. You'll need to utilize your mouse to show off your exceptional marksmanship. If you want to stay alive, you'll need lightning-quick reactions. Killer assassins are lurking behind every corner. Blow as many of them apart as you can before they get you! You'll climb the leaderboard with each new entry on your killstreak until you're triumphant over all opponents. You may also play various team-based shooting games egg-ventures in co-op mode! Everyone is either a murderer, a soldier, or a sniper on this massive battleground. Enter a fresh and exciting world of arcade-style fighting games. Shell Shockers is the long-awaited gaming experience you've been looking for. In this free-for-all battle, you may keep track of other players' health by counting the number of cracks in their shells. Fortunately, if you can hide in quiet for long enough, your injuries will heal and you'll be back in the fight in no time.

You may use your WASD keys to launch rockets at your foes in this insane multiplayer game, much like you can in many single-player shooters. As you see the catastrophe spread before your eyes, entering new combat may be rather shocking. But there's no need to be disheartened; fine-tune your approach and begin firing back with everything you've got! You should have been born a chicken if you didn't want to wind up as a huge splatter on the wall. Shell Shockers is a lighthearted, fun-filled adventure through traditional first-person shooter mayhem. All of your multiplayer characteristics are present, like useless grudges towards people who killed you with a single shot, hate for campers, and the numerous ways in which everyone trash talks each other.  

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