Wet grinders and its types of usage

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From the Global view, Indian foods are more special and unique due its mix of spices & masalas, make choice of Ingredients, preparation methods, mixing and blending everything makes Indian food more tasty and different from the world cuisines. Even the home appliances we choose makes incomparable good-tasting.

In older days our grandmothers used big grinding stones spending their whole day just for making Idli/Dosa batter. Expending the most of their lifetime in Kitchen, putting excessive efforts and energy for cooking manually since no machines where founded.Now in modern era, we have machine for almost every work in our kitchen which makes our life easier and better.

Nowadays, we can grind, blend and mix foods by using Wet grinders and avoiding the traditional method of grinding. There are a variety of grinders available in the market.
There are 3 basically used wet grinders:
1) Regular wet grinder:
It is the traditional type of grinders. This type of grinders are generally big and used mainly for commercial purposes like in Hotels and Big kitchens where we need of large quantities. Still some big families use this kind of grinders for their higher needs. They are difficult to maintain and occupies more space.
2) Table top wet grinder:
One of the widely used grinders by the homemakers are Table top wet grinders. Table-top wet grinders are easily portable, can be placed anywhere because of its compact size, and it is easy to maintain. It can be used for multiple grinding functions in kitchen
• Preparing several types of chutneys
• Making vegetable extracts / pulps for creating soups
• To prepare batter for IdliDosaVada and Paniyaaram
3) Tilting type wet grinder:
Tilting wet grinders are light and have a compact design which utilize less space. It can be tilted for easy pouring of batter, which makes convenience in grinding, transferring the batter, storage and cleaning the machine.
Points to consider before buying Wet grinders:-
There are some important things to consider before buying the wet grinders. They are listed below
1) Capacity:
Capacity of grinders calculated in liters. Based on the requirements, you can choose the right one. It ranges from 2 liters to 15 liters. Depends on the capacity weight & space occupation increases accordingly.
2) Number of stones:
Grinder stones range from 1 to 3. Big grinders have 1 stone which takes more time to grind, table-top grinders usually contains 3 small stones to make them less.2 stone and 2 stone grinders work faster than single stone.
3) Drum Material:
Drum material is the surface inside the grinder. Either stone or steel is used as drum material in grinders. It is better to opt for stainless steel for durability.
4) Overload Protection:
When there is overload in grinders, it needs to be stop working immediately. So the overload can be reduced to make run the grinder.
These are the main factors to consider still many things to keep in mind over selecting the grinders for long-lasting life and faster delivery.

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