Handmade Sink Design Knowledge

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The  sink making process is a handmade  sink .  Handmade Sink is made of 304 stainless steel plate by bending and welding. The  essential difference from the usual sink is that there are more places to be  welded. Because the edge of the hand-made groove fits perfectly with the bottom  of the quartz stone countertop, it is suitable as an under-counter  basin.

Each  finished product of the hand-made sink must go through 25 production processes  and 72 hours of hand-made. Snap spot welding, R angle spot welding, etc., every  detail is inseparable from the rich experience and careful operation of the  welder.

The  thickness of the manual sink is generally about 1.3mm-1.5mm. This thickness is  convenient for welding, and the thickness is uniform, and there will be no  partial thinness of the stretched sink. It is impossible for a stretched water  tank to reach this thickness, because the greater the thickness, the greater the  punching force required. If it reaches 1.2mm, the 500-ton punch is of no  avail.

The  hand-made sink is straight up and down, with edges and corners, and a stronger  texture. The surface treatment of the current hand-made sinks also has pearl  sand or brushed sinks. This straight-up and straight-down edge also brings some  trouble to the user to clean up the residue in the future. Since most of the  edges of the integrated stretch sink are rounded, it is more far-fetched to make  an under-counter basin, but the manual sink can be easily made as an  under-counter basin, avoiding the phenomenon of water seepage on the  countertop.

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