Marijuana Bud

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Marijuana Bud

As we all know this era of time is technically advanced and technology is the result of the human mind. The human mind works with full efficiency to invent something new in the economy that is safe and sound for human physical health. Sometimes we see many things that are not in use and they grow and take place in the economy by different means and in different situations. A human invention that he made with the features of his mind must have the purpose and generally used and get benefited from that invention. As the human is the unique and best creature and makes with different specialties and different features with a completely different mindset.Sometimes the work or activity that is difficult to do by the hands of a man. Then his mind clicks to do something new and important that will be used by the people and no difficulty and complexity arise to do that work. But a human mind thought that if there is a need for anything and you even do not have it and did that manually after the great hurdles and complexity. Then a man thinks to develop or introduce the product that is technically advanced and make the great hard work and struggled hard is the result of his mind and also helps a lot to the human.We see in our routine life the plants of different types some are original and some are the creations of the human mind. And some of them are artificial and are used in different ways and helpful for the human to reuse them for some beneficial purposes. There are many plants and species of plants that grow for some specific purposes and gives the human something with their existence. Bud in Washington DC is a plant that grows on its own and there are different names of the weed are Cannabis and Marijuana.They grow outside the house or building, in the parks, and anywhere on the earth and their existence does not harm anybody. In the same way the Bud in Washington DC is used in the plants and have different species and specialties. It is also that type of plant that is unwanted and grows wherever it wants to grow. We always see these types of plants in public places like parks and others, in farmhouses, in gardens, and many other open places. 

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