How to setup the nest camera?

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Do you need help to set up your Nest camera? Having to deal with the episodes of theft and burglary is very stressful so why not just block it in the first place. Security is a paramount decision at this time but choosing the best security system is also another option that has to be decided with special care. Surveillance cameras will help you to monitor every movement and activities been carried out while you are away. The Nest camera is one of the top-notch surveillance cameras in the market today. You can keep an eye on every move even without you being there. Therefore, if this is your first time having the Nest camera, you should have the proper setup guide to help you complete your setup. Not just completing your set up but also making sure that you understand every bit of the set up procedure. If you have been waiting for the best Nest camera setup guide, you can follow the guide here. 

  • The first and foremost thing for you to do is to observe and decide what location you would like to place your camera. But for you to do this properly, you need to be certain of what you would like to monitor. Once you have gotten that, you can proceed to place your Nest camera

  • Then in the package, take the USB cable and connect it to the camera. On its other end, connect it to the power adapter and plug that into an electric socket. 

  • Install the Nest app into your smartphone and sign in if you already have an account. Else create a new one. 

  • With your account created, click on “Continue”

  • Input a name for your house and fill in the remaining data required.

  • Go ahead to modify the “Home Setup”

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