What are the general applications of condensers?

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The condenser is essentially a kind of heat exchange equipment. It uses water or air as a coolant to eliminate heat, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling the fluid. Please pay attention to the system composition of the condenser to be analyzed.

The condenser itself is a part of the refrigeration system. Although there are different forms, the components are similar. In addition to the condenser, the entire system also includes compressor, expansion valve, four-way valve, double valve, one-way valve, solenoid valve, evaporator, pressure switch, fuse plug, output pressure regulating valve, pressure controller, exchange Filters, collectors, filters, dryers, automatic switches, liquid storage tanks, shut-off valves, liquid injection plugs, etc.

This is divided into electrical systems and control systems. The former mainly involves motors, operating switches, electromagnetic contactors, interlock relays, overcurrent relays, thermal overcurrent relays, temperature switches, humidity regulators, and temperature regulators. The compressor is composed of axle box heater, water cut-off relay, computer board and other components.

The latter is composed of several controllers, namely, refrigerant controller, refrigerant circuit controller, refrigerant pressure controller, motor protector, temperature proportional regulator, defrost controller, and cooling water controller. Control, alarm control and other controls, etc., play important functions after reasonable cooperation.

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