The Three Kings of Runescape kept these keys

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I've been in at least 3 arguments over people who believe they're superior to me since I don't wear my 99 capse 24/7. Although I don't believe I'm able to talk about my 99 fletching Runescape3 Accounts, I do fletch for money for quite some time. I stopped at about 96 and a half and decided that I could as well add it as a way to trim my already 99 strength. 99 fm is a poor excuse to have a 99. I don't pride myself or ever wear my 99 fletch cape.

Okay I was killing as normal in the kuradel dungeon. Now, i am battling some abyssals. Two players are engaged in a very deep conversation. I usually just ignore them and continue with my task however this conversation caught my interest.

"No dude, black men can't afford this kind of game." I couldn't resist laughing so much that I had to stop myself from laughing! I laughed so damn hard that my feet started to hurt... Okay, maybe not that hard but you get the point.

I generally avoid arguments that are petty. I mean I let them fight it out until they are called "no live" or something. But today, i was feeling awful so i decided to hope in with a beautiful opening line. This is absolutely real cheap osrs infernal cape. "I'M BLACK AND RUNESCAPE IS my favorite thing!" Surprise! "SURPRISE!"

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