6 Causes for Male Frigidity--Be Cautious About Orchitis and Epididymitis!

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1. Erotic body organ ailments:

Erotic internal organs can secrete androgen, which makes men and women have the desire for sex. Right after sexual interest in sex internal organs, androgen secretion reduces, and sexual attraction diminishes. Typical illnesses of erotic internal organs consist of orchitis, epididymitis, and so forth. After discovery, it ought to be dealt with as soon as straightforward to protect against reproductive disorders.

Conservative treatment--treatment is advised for chronic orchitis and epididymitis. Because the continuing use of medicines will generate drug resistance or adverse effects, herbal medication can prevent these problems. For illustration, the organic medication Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill consists of more than 50 natural herbs. Long-term use will not cause problems for the entire body.

2. Neuropsychiatric problems:

The nervous system dominates sexual desire. If there is a disease in the neurological system, it will lose interest in sexual life and cause frigidity. The typical conditions consist of neurasthenia, melancholy psychosis, unnatural persona, etc.

3. Endocrine ailments:

People's desire for sex is closely associated with the endocrine program. Various hormones released from the endocrine system can control people's sex functions. After illnesses of the endocrine method occur, fewer gender human hormones are released, people's desire for sex will be decreased, and even frigidity will happen

4. Liver organ disease:

The liver participates in the metabolism of human hormones. When the liver organ is ill, and the liver organ work is damaged, it can lessen the androgen in men, boost the estrogen somewhat, even feminize men, and naturally minimize men's sexual interest.

5. Too much use of alcoholic beverages and smoking cigarettes:

After being soaked up by the system, pure nicotine in smoke and alcoholic beverages in red wine hinder the body from generating androgens, block the neural reflex pathway in sexual life, decrease sex function, and cause frigidity.

6. Bodily low energy:

Extraordinary life, inability to work and rest promptly, and too stressed function, will result in extreme physical exhaustion. Consequently, even robust men should pay attention to proper rest to maintain good sex function.

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