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The utilization rate of the Reaper Tree is relatively high in PvP. A good combination of Catch potential and damage is provided to players through its skills. It contains three skills: Charge, Reap and Execute. Blood Lust is the ultimate skill of this tree, and it is widely used in PvP. 30% Haste to enemies within 15 meters makes the effect of this weapon extremely terrifying. Although the skills of Reaper Tree are very powerful in New World, without a powerful weapon paired with it, its power can't be used at all. So you need New World Coins to buy powerful weapons to match it.
However, it is not easy to obtain New World Coins in New World. It requires players to spend a lot of time. For those players with very limited game time, being able to buy those powerful weapons is like a kind of out of reach. Dream. In order to help these players' dreams come true, Newworldcoins has prepared sufficient New World Coins for them, and you can Buy New World Coins 24 hours a day. With Newworldcoins, players can get those powerful weapons in a blink of an eye.

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