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Custom Evaporator Coils Maker Introduction Principle

By shanhe at 2021-08-30 • 0 collector • 64 pageviews

Custom Evaporator Coils have a wide variety of evaporators, and their original structure is particularly suitable for the sugar industry. also. Save the method of heating steam. In addition to using the secondary vapor as multi-effect evaporation, it can also be used in the original evaporator again by the secondary adiabatic compression to increase its temperature and be used as a heating vapor. The evaporator operated in this way is called a heat pump evaporation. Device. These improvements and creations are based on research on the basic principles of evaporation and many factors related to its production intensity.

The characteristics of various evaporators of different configurations are as follows:
The shape and position of the heating surface—jacket, serpentine tube, straight tube, the heating chamber inside or outside;
The placement method of the evaporator itself-horizontal, vertical, inclined;
The circulation method of the solution-natural circulation forced circulation.
If you press the operation method. Evaporation equipment can also, be divided into the batch type and continuous type.

But no matter which type of evaporator, it is composed of two parts: heating chamber and separation chamber. The heating chamber is also called the boiling chamber, which is the part where the material is boiled by heating with the saturated steam partition. It is actually a kind of heater, and the separation chamber is also called the evaporation chamber. After the solution is heated and boiled and vaporized in the heating chamber, the secondary vapor produced contains a large number of liquid droplets. The suddenly enlarged evaporation space of the evaporation chamber is used to make the liquid droplets condense and settle and separate from the vapor.

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