Do you need an animation video for business development?

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Animation helps to actively promote a business that:

does not offer physical goods;

needs additional visual presentation / visualization of the proposed product.

Animation will make it interesting and understandable to tell the audience about the specifics of the business, the uniqueness and importance of the product / service. Experienced specialists of the WebMate IT group of companies have been working for several years on the creation of animation products, including animated videos of Almaty, as well as for other cities of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine, therefore they can easily transform any complex data, incomprehensible instructions, statistical indicators and special terms into a captivating, eye-catching and understandable story.

Order from best animation studio an effective promotional animated video for your company and let the video multiply the profit of your business!

What affects the price of an animated commercial?

The cost of animation for business depends on the complexity of the task when working on drawing and soundtrack:

drawing style and detailing (characters, objects and environments);

type of voice acting (announcer, professional acting (foreign), purchase / creation of musical compositions, sound and noise effects);



How to make an animated video ad compelling?

A combination of several techniques: the presence of infographics / thematic theses / numbers, an effective video, a good script and good voice acting will make the ad more convincing to the consumer.

What to choose: an explainer or a video presentation?

The answer lies in the purpose of the advertisement:

The Explainer focuses on the quality of information delivery, fully appealing to the product. The video presentation carries not only an informative message, but also. works to achieve the "wow-effect", since it performs 2 tasks at once: talks about the product and contributes to improving its image.

What types of business should I order animated commercials?

There are several lines of business for which animated advertising will have a positive effect:

sphere of innovation;

online services;

financial products;

production area.

How long should the best animation commercial be for a business?

On average 30-60 sec.


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