STOP! Trading Crypto with Coinbase!

By lost_treasures at 2021-08-20 • 0 collector • 74 pageviews

Coinbase has proven its self to be a scam with price fixing, delays and display of "connecting issues". When the market is on a bull run, guess what coinbase does?? They display a page with inscription "CONNECTING ISSUES" TRY AGAIN! This prevents you from executing a trade for a few return in profit.

It is a disappointing place to trade. They are also into price fixing!  the display buy or sell prices are significantly higher and lower than the execution price.

For exampe Coinbase will display a buy price of $46,650 for 1 Bitcoin the moment you click to buy the attractive price of $46,650 automatically changes to $47,200 at the moment of exchange. If you have a Coinbase account pay attention to these Coinbase buy and sell price fixing.


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