How One Can Take Good Care Of Their Skin

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Everyone washes their faces every morning and applies moisturizer and sunscreen. Face care makeup is the main element of morning routines. But, many people do not devote the same amount of time and attention to their nightly skincare regimen.

Some even commit the cardinal sin of not removing their makeup before going to bed. As the skin is the largest organ, it is exposed to filth and pollution. It also generates sebum regularly to keep itself hydrated. If not cleaned, this sebum can combine with dirt, grime, and makeup overnight, blocking your pores. Know your skin texture and follow steps to have a night skincare routine.

Factors affecting your night-skin-care routine

1.         Type of Skin You Have

For dry skin, keep your skin hydrated by applying hygiene moisturizers. Opt for lightweight facial oils instead of heavy night creams to avoid greasy skin or oily or acne-prone skin.

2.         Skin Issues

For mature or aging skin, seek anti-aging components such as antioxidants and vitamins A and C, which aid in the skin's restoration. For acne-prone skin, seek products that have anti-acne and anti-inflammatory properties.

3.         Environment temperature

Sleeping in an air-conditioned room might cause your skin to become dry. So, towards the conclusion of your regimen, apply a nourishing organic moisturizer to build a protective barrier against dry air.

Once you know your skin texture, you can nourish your skin by following the steps.

6 Step Skincare night routine

Step 1: Makeup Remover

To avoid clogging your pores, start your night ritual by removing your makeup. To remove all traces of makeup without irritating your skin, use an organic makeup cleanser.

Step 2: Cleanse well.

After removing makeup, apply a mild cleanser to get rid of any leftover debris and grime. By this, your skin does not become blocked.

Step 3: Toner

To moisturize your skin, spray some hydrosol on your face and massage it in.  It helps to cut dehydration and to prepare your skin for the next procedures.

Step 4: Apply a moisturizer to your face.

While your face is still moist from the toner, apply a few drops of cold-pressed facial oil to hydrate and nourish it. After that, you may conduct a quick facial massage with tools to stimulate blood flow and help the oils into your skin.

Step 5: Apply eye cream.

To nourish your under-eye region and avoid puffy eyes in the morning, use Prickly Pear, Chia, and Roll-on Eye Serum or Damask Rose & Coffee Eye Cream.

Step 6: Lip Balm

Finish your night skincare regimen with nourishing lip butter to hydrate and moisturize your sensitive lips all night.


Use the best face skin care cream to nourish your skin properly. Melatonin, a strong antioxidant in the cream, heals your damaged skin. Even the human growth hormone, which is essential for cell repair, is at its highest at night. So, the skin regeneration process is sped up, and your body produces more collagen.

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