What Can Be the Caused of Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis

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The cause of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis is very complicated, and the main result in could be pathogen infection, unnatural and swelling pelvic ground neuromuscular action and defense abnormalities.

1.Pathogenic contamination

Although the pathogen could not really separated by program bacterial evaluation, it may still be related to some special pathogens, such as anaerobic bacteria, L-designed Proteus, nanobacteria, or Chlamydia trachomatis, mycoplasma along with other infections.

Some studies show the detection level of community prokaryote DNA in this kind of affected person could be as higher as 77Percent some medical "aseptic" prostatitis with persistent irritation, recurrent or aggravating, could be related to these pathogens.

Other pathogens such as trichomoniasis, unwanted organisms, fungi and viruses Mycobacterium tuberculosis etc can also be crucial pathogenic elements of this sort, however, there is no trustworthy data, up to now there is absolutely no consensus.


Some factors result in too much contraction of urinary sphincter, leading to blockage from the bladder electric outlet and formation of residual urine, trigger urine to flow back into prostate, not only deliver pathogen in to the prostate but in addition directly activate the prostate, induce substance prostatitis without bacterial infection, causing urinary problems and soreness in pelvic location, and so forth.

Numerous prostatitis individuals have a number of urodynamic changes, like lowered urinary flow rate, useful urinary tract obstruction, detrusor sphincter control condition, and so forth. These practical abnormalities may possibly be a medical trend, and their mother nature might be associated with a number of possible pathogenic factors.

3.Psychological elements

The investigation shows that over half in the patients with prostatitis who may have not been treated for a long period have clear modifications in emotional and mental aspects and individuality features, including nervousness, hypochondria, hysteria and depressive disorders as well as suicidal tendencies.

The alterations of these psychological and emotional factors could cause the problem of autonomic nerve work, the condition of neuromuscular functionality in the posterior urethra, the pain sensation inside the pelvic region as well as the problem of urination functionality, or perhaps the functional modifications of hypothalamus pituitary gonad axis may affect the intimate functionality, additional aggravate the signs and symptoms, and also the elimination of psychological stress may reduce or cure the symptoms.

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However, it is far from crystal clear whether or not the emotional and emotional transform is the direct trigger or supplementary performance.

4.Neuroendocrine elements

The change of heart rate and bloodstream strain often happens in sufferers with prostatic pain, suggesting that it may be associated with autonomic stressed reply. The regional pathological activation of prostate and urethra reflex to many other elements through triggering the spinal nerve by afferent nerve from the prostate, then the astrocytes in the lumbosacral spinal cord is going to be activated.

It can lead to disorder of bladder and urethra, irregular actions from the perineum and pelvic floor muscle groups, and persistent discomfort and involvement soreness in corresponding areas away from prostate.

5.Irregular immune reply

Recently, studies show that defense factors perform a crucial role inside the incidence and progression of sort III prostatitis and the development of the condition program. In patients with prostatic liquid and/or seminal plasma or tissues and / or blood vessels, there might be some changes in the degree of cytokines, like IL-2, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, TNF - α and MCP-1.

Additionally, the amount of IL-10 is positively correlated using the pain symptoms of kind III prostatitis Summary: immunosuppressive treatment method has a certain impact.

When you are suffering from chronic prostatitis, timely emotional therapy is necessary, individuals can seek the assistance of psychological doctors and take Diuretic and Anti-inflamamtory Pill, to be able to sustain an positive attitude. At the same time, in addition to the essential treatment, cigarette smoking, alcoholic drinks as well as other bad habits should also be prevented.

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