Benefits Of Content For B2B Marketers:

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Ecommerce has grown from simple B2C to enterprise and B2B rapidly. That is why stats show that ecommerce will cross $4 trillion in 2020. That is maybe because of the number of ever-increasing ecommerce customers reaching 2.14 billion in 2020 that is approximately one-third of the world’s population. 


A word that is like salt in ecommerce. You really can’t cook any strategy without it. 59% of customers say that personalization offered by a brand influences their decision about making a purchase from it. From interface design to marketing, you need personalization to succeed. It is not a secret that one size does not fit all. That is the reason why leading ecommerce platforms offer new features to meet the needs of modern customers like shopify services now include shopify plus, a platform to meet the needs of enterprise-level firms. Because they know the needs of B2C and B2B organizations are different. So their customers can provide a better ecommerce experience to their customers. 

Let’s see what can you achieve with personalization.

Better Experience Means More Conversion:

Personalization has a direct connection with the psychology of humans. For example, does “hey you” sounds better or “hi Jason”? The second one right. The reason that people are more attractive when they are called by their name as it gives them a sense of superiority and that is a very big driver in creating trust in the minds of customers. Isn’t trust the holy grail of ecommerce business?

Effective Email Marketing:

Email marketing has become a very major component of e-commerce marketing. The reason is that people don’t like to be poked every time they surf online. 63% of customers hate it when brands bombard them with messages without any regard for their choices. They prefer a to-the-point email in their inbox. That is why it is very important to introduce personalization in email marketing with the help of AI and other smart tools available today. 

Like I emphasized the fact that it is very important to call a customer by his name, it is even important when you send them a promotional email about your new catalog. Studies show a staggering increase in the open rate of email that starts with the name of the customer. The highest number of sales come from a customer that returns for more sales. The reason for their return is personalized product recommendation. 77% of customers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized ecommerce design services or experience. 

Trust and Loyalty of The Customer:

It is often said that a loyal and satisfied customer is the best form of advertisement a company can hope for. The reason is that even though there is a great influence of social media and digital media marketing on the minds of people but they still prefer the recommendation of a friend or family over all of these means of advertisement and publicity. This is the reason customer loyalty is considered a holy grail in ecommerce. The largest number of ecommerce buyers are Millennials and Genz and gaining their trust and loyalty is one of the difficult tasks. Studies show that through personalization you can earn their precious loyalty. 87% of consumers surveyed say that personally relevant branded content positively influences how they feel about a brand. So the key to gaining loyal and trustworthy customers lie with personalization.

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