Eco-design and Packaging for Environmental Approach and Imperatives

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The containers shall meet, at the design , to a multiplicity of functions (marketing, practicality, logistics, etc.) that their s are requested. In addition to these, taking into account the environment has become one of the major constraints in the evolution of this sector.

The packaging must be considered throughout its entire life cycle, from its manufacture to its destruction. The objective is to focus on the packaging once it has become waste. This implies a process of "recovery" of packaging waste such as reuse, recycling or incineration with energy recovery. These techniques have been proven for a number of years and have been used successfully. The environmental approach was enriched with a new element towards the end of the 1990s: the eco-design of packaging.

This innovative approach takes into account, during the design and manufacture of packaging, criteria which "better" meet environmental conditions and imperatives (materials, manufacturing techniques, and even regulations and standardization). This means that it is possible to go further, beyond the conventional means of recovery (recycling, reuse, etc.) to treat existing waste. Today, the eco-design approach requires creating and then manufacturing packaging according to certain rules , which are themselves in line with environmental objectives.

The ultimate goal of this process is therefore to obtain packaging waste that is more easily "recoverable", or even, when we think of reduction at source (one of the options provided by the eco ‐Design), less waste to be treated.

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