Top 10 Reasons for Breakups

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We are all living in the 21st century, where falling in love is like a piece of cake. Words like love, feelings, emotions, attachment, crazy for someone, care, adore, addicted can be easily found whispered from everyone. And coming to relationships, almost all the deep relationships experience some difficulties with the time and these difficulties become so complicated that they can end up with a breakup. As we all know, in the beginning, everything seems perfect and beautiful, but over the time you have to face some bitter reality of the relationship. The difference of opinion, disagreement, and misunderstandings are ordinary in the relationship, and sometimes it becomes so intolerable that the only way out is separation.

reasonf-for-breakups.jpgBelow listed are the top 10 most common reasons for breakups, partition and some guidance for facing each issue.

1- Lack of understanding
2- Lack of Communication
3- Cheating
4- Life in the past

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