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How do I know if my child has ADHD?

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Parenting Guide for ADHD child

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a very common pediatric mental disorder that causes a lack of concentration in children and makes them very fickle and mischievous, and this disorder has a negative impact on children's mental development and their ability to function.

 If children are unable to concentrate on studies or any other work, speak too much, do not sit anywhere, are very angry at small things, are very naughty and stubborn, then they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Often parents resort to scolding and beatings to keep a child suffering from this disorder, but this leads to negative thinking in children and they start doing more mischief than ever before.


This problem can cause a lack of self-confidence in children, problems like depression and irritability in children, and affect the child's ability to work, so much a child should be treated on time.  Parents will have to become aware of this disease as soon as it is identified.  Counseling is required from parents other than the child.

A  clinical and psychological examination of the child is done before its treatment.  Counseling is done on the basis of this.  Behavior therapy can be done.  Medications are given when needed which help to increase concentration in children. 

The symptoms on which children with this problem can be identified are - lack of concentration, loss of attention, extreme agility, extreme impulsivity.  , Weak in studies in school, dropping things often at school, not sitting in one place, not having good numbers in the exam despite the knowledge and intellectual ability, hurrying up any task, getting angry, school and  Quarreling in the playing field, lack of patience and not being able to wait for their turn in the game.

This problem arises mainly due to genetic reasons.  It has been observed that children who have this problem use smartphones etc. a lot.  Often, parents are unable to pay attention to children due to the modern lifestyle and extremely busy life. 

Children in single families often struggle with loneliness in cities.  For all these reasons, children are becoming angry, irritable, or hyperactive.  In the absence of awareness, many parents either do not recognize or ignore the hyperactivity that is developing in their children.

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