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How to store sex dolls

By inannabelle at 2021-06-16 • 0 collector • 278 pageviews

The necessity of reasonable storage of sex dolls

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As a male sex doll, the price is not cheap. So when we make up our minds to own one, we may face such a problem, that is, how to store the sex doll? Because if we store it improperly, it may affect its quality or make it easy to deteriorate. After all, it is made of soft silica gel or synthetic resin, which is easy to age.

How to make silicone sex doll last longer

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In this case, some people may be a little worried. If there is a problem with the mini sex doll that they spend more money on, what should they do? Just imagine, if it is made in China, its price may be cheaper. If it is made in Japan, the price of sex dolls is basically between 50,000 and 70,000. So such an expensive doll, should we? Store it well? This is very inevitable. First of all, we must put it in a more ventilated place. If it is humid or in a place that is easy to receive sunlight, it may cause the qualitative change of some of the silica gel, because it will age. . In this way, the life span of our favorite sex dolls has been shortened, which is very unfavorable. We must solve the problem of how to store sex dolls.

Sex dolls need to be sterilized and stored

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Of course, there is one last problem, that is, when we use these cheap sex dolls to solve our own physiological problems, then we must clean it, and then dry it, and it must be placed in a cool shade. Place to dry, and don't expose it to the sun. In fact, it can be disinfected after use, which is good for sex dolls and for the human body. After all, we are afraid of the growth of some bacteria. Let us do all these steps, then we will find a special place to put it, this time we don't have to worry about how to store the sex doll.

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