Factors Invites Blocked Fallopian Tubes

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Blocked fallopian tubes are one of the frequent-occurring diseases in female infertility, which accounts for nearly 50% of female infertility, according to data from healthy center. 

Patients have the medical history of pelvic inflammatory disease, abortion, curettage, urinary tract infection, appendicitis and other pelvic surgeries or tuberculosis and sexual transmitted disease are high-risk groups of patients with blocked fallopian tubes.

Firstly of all, based on its anatomic structure, doctors explain that the fallopian tube is a muscular conduit with two opening mouths in both ends, while one is next to the pelvic cavity, and the other side is linked together with the uterine body and through the open mouth. 

Besides, unclean menstrual sexual intercourse, improper abortion, or the improper use of intra uterine device, or the lack of abstinence after abortion all will give rise to salpingitis. 

Doctors also point out that ectopic pregnancy can always happen in the situation of a poor circulation of fallopian tube or upthrow tortuosity. Because inflammation can be transmitted in various ways, and occurs in different parts, which make an inconvenient action of fertilized egg, instead of reaching the uterine cavity, it can grow in inappropriate place.

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