How Can we try Printer Offline to Online?

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Suppose you are operating in your workplace and receiving your prints from the printer for roughly file work and the printer simply stops printing. The printer starts to display no sign error and doesn’t print longer. This is a warning that you just have an issue of printer offline. This issue is common with mostly all the printers and if the users are having the printer offline issue, then you can immediately call on the customer support for printer offline issues. There are so many variation or reasons why such an issue occurs. However, it is not easy to predict what are the possible issue behind the printer offline status, there are many steps of modification which the users can properly solve the issue.


Please find below some steps which you can follow easily to rectify the printer offline issue. The first check which you need to run on your device is to see if all the connections are done properly. 

Follow the given steps to resolve the above-said issue.

•             First of all, the things, you need to boot up your system by closing it off entirely and then starting it once again.

•             After you have to start your PC again, you need to see if the printer is connected to your PC properly. Sometimes, improper configuration settings will also cause the issue.

•             Log in to your PC with the Administrator rights and so click on the Start button.

•             After this, open Devices and Printers and so right click on the name of the printer that you see there.

•             Select “See what’s printing” and so after that Printer Spooler window gets opened, click on the “Printers” Selection.

•             When you see the “use Printer Offline” option, choose and unmark it. Doing this will make your printer go to the online mode.

•             Navigate to the browser and then download the latest printer driver.

•             Following the particular screen notifications, you install the printer driver accordingly.

•             Click on Start button again and then select Control Panel.

•             Type troubleshoots. Click on the link for troubleshooting.

•             After that Select “use a printer” from the Hardware and Sound

•             Now, you will follow the on-screen prompts to notice the error and fix it therefore.

For more detail: Hp Printer Offline

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