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Knowing the Causes of Bacterial Vaginosis Helps You Prevent It

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Microbial vaginitis is described as the reduction or disappearance of Lactobacillus vaginalis and also the increase of related microorganisms. Under typical circumstances, the vaginal area environment is a microecological well-balanced atmosphere, which mainly depends upon the balance of microorganisms.

As soon as any damaging microorganism in the vaginal area proliferates extremely, it will break the balance of microorganisms and cause genitals contamination. That is certainly to say, any elements that result in the disproportion in the vaginal micro ecological atmosphere may cause vaginitis, such as long-term use of antibiotics, unclean life, misuse of creams, and so on. 

Listed below are the ten principal causes of bacterial vaginitis.

1.Sedentary routine

If women sit for some time in work and life, it can result in the impermeability in the vagina, that will block the blood circulation, so you can easily cause disease, and then result in bacterial vaginosis.

2. Enjoy alcoholic drinks and tobacco

If females like to smoke and beverage, then they are extremely probably be infected with microbial vaginosis. Why? As the pure nicotine in cigarettes can diminish the combination of arterial blood vessels and fresh air, and alcohol can market damp heat, which is simple to produce bacteria, which is also a key point ultimately causing microbial vaginosis.

3.Abnormal residing habit

In day to day life, if women work and relaxation irregularly, overwork or absence of relaxation will result in the decline of the body's resistance. How come female friends get microbial vaginosis? As it contributes to the decline of the body's resistance, it can make many kinds of microorganisms enter, and microbial vaginosis is one of them.

4.Unscientific washing strategies

Lots of women attach excellent value for the washing and cleanliness of personal elements and frequently use some bath lotions and creams or soap with high focus. Long-term usage of these cleaning posts will damage the pH value of the genitals, which will lead to the discrepancy from the microenvironment, and after that lead to the development of microorganisms in order that females have problems with bacterial vaginitis. The right cleaning technique is to apply tepid to warm water to clean up private areas.

5. Long-lasting usage of sanitary patches

In everyday life, a lot of women want to use pads, plus they think patches can steer clear of getting in touch within between the pudenda and underwear. Actually, the harm of employing patches is big, due to the fact long-term utilization of pads will make the pudenda airtight, thus breeding microorganisms, therefore resulting in the occurrence of microbial vaginosis.

Throughout the monthly period, microorganisms can enter the vagina retrogradely, do not take note of menstruation cleanliness, mistreatment of unclean bathroom document, causing contamination of vulva by unclean bathroom papers and menstrual tampon, and also the germs are going to take the ability to breed of dog and invade.

6.Lowered opposition

After the individual body's resistance has declined, it will also create the bacteria easy to invade. Consequently, ladies in everyday life should take note of proper exercise. In lifestyle, addition and job pressure must also focus on proper comfort. Otherwise, it is possible to result in the female endocrine method problem, causing the decline of opposition and microbial vaginosis.

7.Repeated sex

The repeated sexual activity contributes to the proliferation of pathogenic anaerobes and Gartner's bacteria, which leads to the disproportion of microbial ecological balance in the vagina. The number of facultative lactobacilli lowered. It eventually results in microbial vaginosis.

8.Underwear material

Microbial vaginosis can be brought on by using small, and buttock covered briefs and high stretchy tights. This sort of pants consists of chemical substance dietary fiber and airtight, and vaginal secretions and sweat are not easy to distribute, and it is appropriate for anaerobic reproduction, then ultimately causing the ailment.

9.Reduction in estrogen level

When the degree of estrogen in the body reduces, it can result in atrophy of vaginal epithelium and decrease of glycogen, that is not conducive towards the growth of Lactobacillus. Microbial vaginosis is brought on by the unnecessary utilization of prescription antibiotics or alkaline fluid to wash the vagina and prevent the expansion of Lactobacillus.


Due to the decarboxylase created by anaerobic microorganisms, it can induce Gartner microorganisms to generate some amino acids, produce unpredictable amines, discharge the distressing fishy scent, amines raise the pH benefit, hinder the multiplication of lactobacilli, exfoliate the vaginal epidermis tissues with bacteria, boost the vaginal secretion, hence leading to the occurrence of microbial vaginosis.

According to the characteristics of vaginitis, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be used to treat it. If the condition is more serious, estrogen can be supplemented properly.

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2022-08-08   #6

Microbial vaginosis is brought on by the unnecessary utilization of prescription antibiotics or alkaline fluid to wash the vagina and prevent the expansion of Lactobacillus.

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