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Compared with similar lead-acid batteries, 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery is lighter and more energy-intensive

By changshuwanlong at 2021-05-11 • 0 collector • 197 pageviews

  Unlike a starter battery (your car battery is a good example) that provides an initial burst of energy and maintains a continuous charge level, a deep-cycle battery is designed to release most of its capacity. If you plan to power your application for a long time, the quality of the deep-cycle battery is critical.

  In recent years, lithium-ion technology has become a popular deep-cycle battery choice in marine, RV, lighting, and other applications. Its lightweight form factor, fast charging speed, and long battery life make it a logical choice.

  When choosing a 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery from Lead Acid Battery Manufacturers, please consider the following lithium-ion factors.

  Weight and dimensions

  If you plan to use deep-cycle batteries on a boat or RV, weight and size are important considerations. On these boats or RVs, you need to run several different electronic applications for a long time.

  Compared with similar lead-acid batteries, the 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery is lighter in weight and energy-intensive. When considering the total weight and balance of the application, lighter and smaller batteries provide you with greater flexibility.

  But don't be deceived: Although lithium-ion is smaller and lighter, its energy efficiency means that it performs better than lead-acid (and in all cases better), but is only a fraction of lead-acid in size.


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