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Thin wooden strips called stops are installed along the length of the door frame and head

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  What is a door frame?

  First of all, what is a door frame? The door frame, also called the "leg" of the door, is the inner side of the door frame, especially a part of the door frame. One side where the hinge is installed is fixed to the door frame, and the other side of the latch is fixed to the door frame. Be careful not to confuse the door frame with other door frame components, especially the door frame. This is what you call the wood that surrounds the door frame, commonly known as door trim.

  Door frame and door frame: what is the difference?

  Many people confuse the door frame and the door frame. A simple way to remember is that the door frame is part of the door frame. The plane extending vertically upwards on both sides of the door frame is the door frame.

  Other parts of the door frame

  The door frame is only a part of the Decorative Door Frame. If you want to replace the door frame, you should purchase a door frame kit, which includes all the parts needed to build a new frame. In addition to the door frame, the following are the other components of the door frame:

  Head: This is the horizontal component located above the door. It has two grooves for door frame installation.

  Window sill: This is a horizontal component located on the floor below the door. Thresholds are also called thresholds, and usually, only appear on outer doors. The purpose of the threshold is to make the door frame more rigid and help guide the water flowing to the door away.

  Doorstop: thin wooden strips called stops are installed along the length of the door frame and head. The purpose is to stop the door so that its hinges are not torn off. If the door frames are reduced, which means that they have a gap, the door will stop without additional wooden bars.

  Weatherproof strip: When installed on the door frame and doorstop, the weatherproof strip helps to form an airtight seal on the outer door. The door sweeper installed at the bottom of the door can also prevent air from infiltrating between the door and the threshold. The weatherstrip keeps the indoor air indoors and reduces ventilation, making the house more comfortable and energy-saving.

  Side frame or arch door: Any decorative decoration installed on the wall around the frame is called a side frame or arch door. The decorative strip is separated from the frame structure and can be disassembled and replaced without affecting the door operation capability.

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