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Water Temperature Check For Auto Radiator Tank Plastic Mould

By taizhouswymould at 2021-05-10 • 0 collector • 205 pageviews

Many drivers know that when the temperature of the car's water tank is too high, it must stop. The car radiator water tank and the auto radiator tank plastic mould are very important.

After the temperature of the water tank increases, we first need to check. At the beginning of the engine operation, the water temperature is thousands of quick; when the water temperature gauge indicates 80, the heating rate slows down, indicating that the thermostat is working normally. On the contrary, if the water temperature has been rising rapidly, when the internal pressure reaches a certain level, the boiling water suddenly overflows, which indicates that the main valve is stuck and suddenly opened.

When the water temperature gauge indicates 70℃-80℃, open the radiator cover and the radiator drain switch, and feel the water temperature with your hands. If they are hot, the thermostat is working normally; if the water temperature at the water inlet of the radiator is low and the radiator is filled There is no water or very little water flowing out of the water inlet pipe of the chamber, indicating that the main valve of the thermostat cannot be opened.

Every part of a car is very important, as is the mirror made by the auto reflective part mold .

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