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Jackpot Capital Casino Lazy Days Promo

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The theme of the main promotion in September at Jackpot Capital online casino is Lazy Days in Vegas. "This month, it pays to be lazy!" says Jackpot Capital online casino. Log into the casino while ensconced in your favorite lazy boy recliner and imagine that you are sitting smack dab in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. Then all that players have to do is wager on their favorite Realtime Gaming games at Jackpot Capital. They will automatically accumulate points as they wager and deposit funds and depending on the points they accumulate they will advance to the different lazy boy recliner levels. The highest level offers "the Super Duper Deluxe of all recliners, the one with a built in fridge, massager and telephone!" To vie for the top prize players have to accumulate 800 or more points. This will automatically enter them into the month end Super Duper Deluxe Scoreboard where depending on their rank they could win up to $1,500, the equivalent of a high-end recliner. Any time during the promotion players can view their accumulated points to find out what recliner level they are currently in. The final results will be posted on Tuesday October 5.

In the Lazy Days promotion the points will be calculated as follows: 1 point for every $100 wagered on Realtime Gaming casino games, 1 point for every $100 deposited in the Jackpot Capital casino account and -1 point for every $100 withdrawn. Apart from the big prize there are several bonuses along the way. Every Monday, 200 weekend players will be chosen to receive a mystery coupon. Values will be based on the amount wagered during the weekend. To be eligible for the bonus coupon players also need to make a deposit of $50 or more.

A new promotion at Jackpot Capital 우리카지노 is the 30 Day Draw. If a player has been a member of Jackpot Capital for 30 days he can win a free money mystery bonus in the 30 Day Draw. In order to qualify, players need to make a minimum of three deposits from the day of registration and wait to see how much free money they get. The eligible players will receive an e-mail stating the coupon code and amount.

The games of the month promotion at Jackpot Capital online casino offer doubled loyalty points on every spin. For September two excellent Realtime Gaming games have been chosen. The first is Caesar’s Empire in which symbols like the Coliseum, Caesar and Cleopatra offer great payouts. In Crazy Vegas the paying symbols are Entertainers, Showgirls, Table Games and even an Emcee.

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