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Be a Top-notch in the online education platform with the Udemy clone

By natsha at 2021-04-29 • 0 collector • 276 pageviews

Hey there! Hope you are safe! Well, the pandemic situation has not only increased the need for entertainment but also for learning. Many students and professionals are spending their valuable time learning new courses and developing their expertise in different fields. In this regard, here is the Udemy clone for you! In the next 2-3 minutes, you will learn the features and revenue model of the app. Come, let’s go!

Defining the Udemy clone

As the name suggests, the app is a clone version of Udemy. Other than that, the customization facility will help you in making the app unique. With this, let us narrow it down to the list of features.

Interesting features of the Udemy clone

Completion certificate - At the end of the day, users expect to get acknowledgement for their learnings, right? So, once the user finishes the courses successfully, they will get the completion certificate.

Download lectures - For future reference, users can download the lectures.

Quizzes - As part of the course, the app will display quizzes and users can attend those for better understanding.

Search bar- Users can bump into their favourite courses by using the search bar.

Payment gateway - In order to make payments for paid courses, the app has different payment options.

Push notifications - Users will receive alerts regarding the app and the courses via push notifications.

Instructor dashboard- The instructors who are registered on the app can guide the users/learners through the dashboard.

Now, let us plunge into the most awaited section - the revenue model of the app.

The revenue model

Paid courses - One of the major revenue streams will be through paid courses. 

Subscriptions - You can let your users access the courses on a subscription basis.

Ads - You can earn through the display of ads on your learning platform.

So, are you ready to kick-start your adventure in the online education platform? Start it with the Udemy clone.

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