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Learn Health Care About Women With Pelvic Inflammation

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Pelvic inflammation can be divided into acute and chronic pelvic inflammation. Usually, the acute pelvic inflammation is usually invited by infection of bacteria after childbirth, surgery, and abortion or inadequate hygiene during menstruation or spread of illnesses of adjacent organs.


Due to pelvic blood stasis, sufferers may have increased menstruation, ovarian dysfunction, and irregular menstrual tubal adhesion and obstruction that can lead to infertility.


You should pay attention to the quantity, quality, color and taste of leucorrhea. If the amount of leucorrhea is large, the color is yellow and thick, and the odor is smelly, it means that the condition is heavy. If the leucorrhea from yellow to white, the amount from variable to small, the smell tends to normal that the illness has improved.


Fever sufferers generally have many sweat when the fever is abated. they need to pay attention to keep warm, keep the body dry, replace clothes and pants after sweat, to avoid blowing air conditioning or directing air convection.


Sufferers with acute or subacute pelvic inflammation should keep stool free and observe the character of stool. If you see pus in the stool or have a feeling of urgency but stool hard, you should go to the hospital immediately to prevent pelvic abscess ulcerate intestinal wall, inviting acute peritonitis.


Sufferers with pelvic inflammation should take notice of diet and nutrition. Eat a light and digestible diet during fever. Pear juice or apple juice or watermelon juice is good for sufferers with high fever, but not chilled and drinkable.


Sufferers who are diagnosed as acute or subacute pelvic inflammation must comply with the doctor's advice and cooperate actively. they must lie in bed or take semi supine position, so as to limit inflammation and discharge of secretions.


When vagina is bleeding during menstrual period, after artificial abortion, upper and removal of ring of gynecological operation. Sexual life must be forbidden. Swimming, tub bathing and sanitary bath must be forbidden, and sanitary towels must be changed frequently. So the immunity decreases, pathogenic bacteria are easy to enter and incur infection.


Stop all kinds of infection ways, keep the perineum clean and dry, wash the vulva with clean water every night, do a special pot, must not use your hands to wash the vagina, also can not use hot water, soap and other washing the vulva. Leucorrhea in pelvic inflammation is much more viscous and thick, so it is necessary to change underwear frequently, without wearing tight and chemical fiber underwear.


Some sufferers with chronic pelvic inflammation have slightly discomfort, and they often take oral antibiotics, but long-term use antibiotics can lead to vaginal flora disorders, resulting in increased vaginal secretions, white leucorrhea.


Instead, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to get your pelvic inflammation well treated, which is a natural medicine that won’t lead to any side effects or drug resistance in female patients. Also, it improve the female body immunity and menstrual health. You can take it for a long time to get a complete cure.


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Sufferers with acute or subacute pelvic inflammation should keep stool free and observe the character of stool.

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