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Wet Dream When Awake, Notice Prostatitis

By linlin998z at 2021-04-16 • 0 collector • 130 pageviews

Nocturnal emission, colloquially known as wet dream, is a normal phenomenon of male friends. The nocturnal emission belongs to emission, which Generally refers to the ejaculation of a man without sexual intercourse.


If the ejaculation occurs unconsciously while sleeping, it is called wet dream. But in the event that it happens when you are awake, it is the spermatorrhea in clinical practice.


Spermatorrhea is a physiological phenomenon. And research investigations have discovered that roughly three quarter males will experience this kind of physiological phenomenon to some extent.


Medical experts have done a large number of laboratory analysis of semen and they have proved that semen is mainly made of water, plus merely a small amount of protein, and other ingredients.


Doctors state that the amount of each ejaculation is about 3 ml. Spermatorrhea is usually not harmful to body health. But if you have frequent spermatorrhea in a short period of time, you should beware of some diseases, for example prostatitis.


Prostatitis is a common prostate illness, which can affect the prostatic fluid that is a main ingredient of semen of men. If you have prostatitis, you should get treated in time. In this case, you can take the natural formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to cure the disease effectively. It works well on the male urogenital system and leads to no side effects.


Besides, there are some tips for you to better improve your emission conditions. You should take notice of the adjustment of lifestyle. You are encouraged to Take part in more physical exercise. You can try some physical sports in daily life to reinforce your body immunity


After all, making yourself moved from time to time is always encouraged and conductive to your body blood circulation, which also help to relieve the prostate pressure because of long-term sitting on the chair.


Likewise, you can try appropriate cold water bath treatment. That is, you can wash the scrotum with cold water two times a day, five minutes each time. Likewise importantly, you got to pay attention to keeping warm, and avoid catching a cold.


Also importantly, you are supposed to have you daily diet well. No doubt, a sound and reasonable diet is indispensable if you want to have a healthy body condition.


To achieve the goal, you are often recommended to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink more water and milk with nutrients. Meanwhile, it is needed to stopping smoking and drinking alcohol, and eat no spicy, raw and greasy things, all of which can likewise help you avoid undesired stimulation on the prostate gland and then prevent the relapse or aggravation of prostatitis. Wish you success in getting better.

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