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Male Lesson -- Available Clinical Therapies For Prostatitis

By linlin998z at 2021-04-10 • 0 collector • 143 pageviews

Clinical therapy is useful for patients with prostatitis. For the selection of specific clinical methods, patients can make a decision in the light of the severity of prostatitis, affordability and hospital conditions. Common clinical therapy ways are as follows:


1. Radio-frequency


Radio-frequency therapeutic apparatus features the double function of heating and conduction, which can effectively promote blood circulation in the prostate gland.


2. Laser Therapy


It's a novel type of physical therapy that adopt He-Ne laser to treat chronic prostatitis, which can be used to improve the diseased tissues in the blood vessel.


3. Magnetic therapy


By the tissue penetration effect of the magnetic field, the local magnetic effect can be made, which can be a nice approach to improving the local blood circulation, killing or inhibiting the pathogens in the prostate gland and recovering functional situation of the glands.


4. Local hot water fumigation


Its specific method and the curative effect are similar to hot water sitz bath. Some scholars have some traditional Chinese medicine ingredients into the fumigation fluid, which theoretically may create a better curative effect than having sitz bath alone.


5. Direct current induction of drugs


In this way, medicinal liquid consisting of Chinese herbal medicine with detoxification will be injected into the rectum, perineum or the pubic bone. Through the work of direct current electrode and electric field, the local absorption of drugs will be improved.


6. Infrared or medium wave diathermy


It use the thermal effects to improve local blood circulation in the prostate gland, which can effectively eliminate and prevent prostate congestion, thus improving symptoms related to prostatitis.


7. Short and ultrashort wave


Both refers to high-frequency current, which can penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue and reach the prostate gland, playing a heat treatment effect and improving blood circulation in the prostate gland.


However, for patients prostatitis, medication usually should be given priority. Traditional Chinese formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can do a nice job. Besides, attention to daily conditioning is also a necessary step of chronic prostatitis treatment. Food conditioning and exercise nursing are as important and useful as clinical therapy. Actively getting treated can help you get better soon. Good luck to you.


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