I've spoken with folks from Nba 2k21

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The significant problems which were holding The City back seem to Nba 2k21 Mt have been addressed. The framerates have improved and contact dunks are nerfed. Also, the Mamba Mentality badge is not any working correctly. It seems 2K is making its way through a listing of early issues. One of the main areas in need of focus is the MyNBA style.2K blew franchise style fans' heads with the concepts and reach of the revamped MyLeague feature.

I've spoken with folks from 2K who've voiced a strong and established desire to right the boat in these regions. Sooner or later, I am confident it will be fixed. However, the reality is, a few of the problems might have to be dealt with over the course of a few updates. Crashes will and ought to take priority, but there is also a problem with participant progression.

If you operate a MyNBA with friends, young star players experience computer-based evaluations early in their careers, which is the opposite of what should be happening in a franchise model. This may not seem like a huge deal, but for fans who aspire to perform more than 1 season with their friends --that is the whole point of the manner --they still have a hard stop in their expertise until this matter is adjusted.

At this point, MyNBA in all its glory is a small tease as there are too many of the best new features that are not working as planned. While I have said I am confident the issues will be solved, it would most likely be a fantastic idea for 2K to post something on social media that acknowledges the difficulties. As of now, almost every MyNBA fan is at the dark. They are simply becoming more frustrated because the projects and fun that they were expecting to have is simply out of their grasp. The following 2K patch may be arriving as soon as this week, so let's hope it stamps out those mode-ruining problems with MyNBA.

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