iTunes is an internet media player

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iTunes is an internet media player, internet radio host, online media player, client application for the iTunes Store, and the multi-media repository, which are developed by Apple Inc. The major components of iTunes are the iTunes Music Server, the iTunes Music App, the iTunes File System, the Remote Access Server, and Client. iTunes comes with two-way text-based remote access, which allows users to browse and control their iTunes library and play the iTunes files on other computers. The iTunes File System is the main directory of all music files on your computer system, which can be accessed through the iTunes Music Server or iTunes Radio Service. Remote Access allows the user to view and control all the files on their computer with the use of a web browser.

Remote Access can be accessed through any web browser or downloaded software application, such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, to control iTunes and access the iTunes service files. The Remote Access protocol can be implemented as a Java application, making it possible to access the iTunes service and files through the browser window. The Java code embedded in the web browser acts as a connector for iTunes, allowing the browser to send and receive media files from iTunes and deliver them to the iTunes application.


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