250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle Is Bigger Than 100ml

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We  are 250ml  Plastic Lotion Bottle factory.Customization:  We have a strong R & D team,and we can develop and produce products  according to the drawings or samples the customers offered. Cost:  We have two  our own PET factory and HDPE machining factory. So we can offer the price and  products directly. Quality:  We have our own testing lab and the advanced and  complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the products.  Multiformity:  We have three kinds of plastic packaging bottles and a lot of  products with different shape, different size, different material. Capacity:   Our annual production capacity is over 20000000 pcs,we can meet the needs of  different customers with different purchase quantity.

PET  plastic bottles are the mainstream of beverage packaging. PET plastic bottles  occupy the dominant position in the beverage packaging industry in China. So  far, no superior or better packaging materials have been found to replace PET  plastic bottles. PP bottle is mainly one step method injection pull blowing and  two step method heating pull blowing molding machine molding PP bottle has the  advantages of bright, robust, heat resistance, the price is also lower than the  radical information.

General  PP plastic bottles mixed with 0.1-0.4% sorbitol xylene nucleating agent, after  blowing extrusion, blowing pull, injection, kneading and other methods can  produce high clear PP plastic bottles. PP plastic bottle temperature resistance  function is good, bottle description sensitive, safe, hygienic and content taste  adhere to the inferior, the price than PET, PS, PE and other materials cheaper.  PP plastic bottles in the beverage packaging market has been gradually close to  the scale of PET bottles, modified resin, antireflection agent and mechanical  equipment skills from time to time development, so that PP containers can  replace glass, PET and PVC containers, has a broad market prospect.

So  in the storage of food, use PET food grade plastic, such as PET Candy Bottles
;  In terms of daily necessities, PP materials are more widely used.

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