How To Be Safe When Use Telescopic Pole Saw

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How to use chain saws and telescopic pole  saw safely?

1. Wear work clothes and corresponding labor protection supplies as  required, such as helmets, protective glasses, gloves, work shoes, etc., and  wear brightly colored vests.

2. The engine should be turned off during machine  transportation.

3. The engine must be turned off before refueling. When there is no  fuel when the engine is warmed up during work, stop it for 15 minutes and refuel  after the engine has cooled down.

4. Check the operational safety status before  starting.

5. When starting, keep a distance of more than three meters from  the refueling place. Do not use in a confined room.

6. Do not smoke while using the machine or near the machine to  prevent fire.

7. When working, be sure to use two hands to hold the machine  steady, stand firm and watch out for the danger of slipping. 

Channel tree management is the top priority of transmission line  operation and maintenance work. Control measures for tree barriers on  transmission lines include felling and pruning. The felling has risks such as  falling, animal injury, personal electric shock, legal services, and tree  pruning. At present, tree pruning mainly involves pruning personnel using safety  belts and tree climbing foot buckles to climb to the point where they need it. 

In response to the above problems, Otter, as a chain saw  manufacturer, produces a multi-directional operability pruning saw with a  telescopic rod, which can solve the above problems well.

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