Personalized embroidery with an embroidery machine

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Does your child often take the wrong things from classmates or his own things are taken by classmates by mistake?

We are here to share a practical and beautiful method, which is to embroider your own name or embroider your favorite logo patterns on clothing and supplies. In this way, even students in the lower grades will not worry about mistaking the object by mistake.

If you have an embroidery machine with excellent text and letter embroidery functions, you can easily complete name embroidery, and there are many built-in patterns and fonts for selection, which will increase the fun of embroidery and can quickly perform personalized customized embroidery.

It is no longer easy for children to take their own belongings easily, and it will be more at ease for parents. COVID-19 is still continuing, and personal protection is also very important. Embroidering the child's name on the mask can effectively prevent the child from holding the mask by mistake.

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