Product description of cardboard box shredder

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Today we will talk about the relevant knowledge of cardboard box shredder.

Product Description:

1. One of the best solutions to reduce packaging costs by converting cardboard boxes into high-quality and soft packaging materials.

2. Don't spend money to press or dump old cartons, our carton shredder recycles waste paper and cardboard to available invalid filling or product protection.

3. When recyclers or paper manufacturers use waste paper cardboard or waste paper cartons to dispose of it, the carton shredder is a very useful device. When the cardboard packaging is no longer used, it can be recycled. Use a carton breaker to crush the cardboard into smaller pieces that are easier to process. The shredded material can be sucked to the shredding fan and blower for further shredding or directly transferred to the horizontal balers for compression.

The carton crusher significantly reduces the material size. The compressed cardboard package and shredded materials made by the horizontal baler are very neat and uniform, with high density. With this device, it can help you save time, money, space and improve work efficiency, because cardboard packaging is usually very bulky and takes up space.


Sturdy and reliable.

Wear resistance and long life

Renewable carbide steel knives.

Low speed and low noise

High torque and high throughput

Overload protection and reversible rotation.

Reduce downtime and reduce operating costs.

Easy to maintain

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