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Like All Magnets, The Magnetic Field Of An Activated Solenoid Has A Positive Pole And A Negative Pole, Which Will Attract Or Repel Materials That Are Sensitive To The Magnet.

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  How the Fountain Solenoid Valve works

  A solenoid is a helical coil wound around a piston usually made of iron. Like all electromagnets, a magnetic field is generated when an electric current passes through a wire. Electromagnets have an advantage over permanent magnets because they can be opened and closed by applying or removing current, which makes them useful as switches and valves and makes them fully automated.

  Like all magnets, the magnetic field of an activated solenoid has positive and negative poles, which will attract or repel materials that are sensitive to the magnet. In Solenoid Valve Factory's solenoids, the electromagnetic field causes the piston to move backward or forwards. This is how the solenoid coils move.

  How does the solenoid valve work?

  In a direct-acting valve, the current activates the solenoid, which in turn pulls the piston or plunger, otherwise, it will prevent the flow of air or fluid. In some solenoid valves, the electromagnetic field does not directly act to open the catheter. In the pilot valve, the solenoid moves the plunger to form a small opening, and the pressure through the opening is the cause of the valve seal. In both types, the solenoid valve requires a constant current to stay open, because once the current stops, the electromagnetic field will disperse and the valve will return to its original closed position.

  The electromagnetic valve

  In the car ignition system, the starting solenoid acts as a relay, placing metal contacts in place to close the circuit. When activating the ignition device of a car, usually by turning the key, the starting solenoid will receive a small amount of current. Then, the solenoid’s magnetic field pulls on the contacts, closing the circuit between the car’s battery and the starter motor. The starter solenoid requires a constant current to maintain the circuit, but since the engine is self-powered once it is started, the solenoid is in an inactive state in most cases.

  Uses of solenoids

  Solenoid valves are versatile and very useful. Everything from automated factory equipment to paintball guns and even doorbells. In a bell doorbell, an audible bell is produced when a metal piston hits the tone lever. The force that moves the piston is the solenoid's magnetic field. When the doorbell is pushed, the solenoid's magnetic field receives current.


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