What is the intention of this game?

By dingbest at 2021-03-13 • 0 collector • 45 pageviews

I really don't know this sort of pso2 sales mentality. Can you play with these game because they're fun to play? Or do you perform them with the idea that it's only"worth it" if these 100s of hours are carried over like it's some sort of investment? I read things on the web like this all of the time and it's so strange to me. It's a new game that brings new experiences to be appreciated. NG being announced does not somehow negate the fun of now playing PSO2. NG is slated to emerge in 2021, which could be over a year from now. That's so much time to relish PSO2.

I mean, for a whole lot of us this game is no more than a quick log in, 5 min daily, then lobby idle until UQ, so that (maybe not ) new game won't actually interfere with what some of us are doing lol I like this game enough that I will likely continue playing it even after NGS launches, particularly if they're intent on encouraging it before 2022. In addition, the jury remains out on how cosmetics and other bound things will be managed out of their vague announcement. Cosmetics, high quality, and expansions are character bound but we don't know whether they will continue over, but if they do then it won't be a complete waste of money.

I am really excited for this upgrade. I simply don't like that our levels will be reset. For somebody who only started this season with NA, like me, it actually hinders my urge to keep improving my personality in the edition of PSO2 we have today. I don't mind leveling a new character and whatnot, however if we're keeping weapons and units we really must learn how they will be carried over. I'd really like to have a few good sets of gear to use in the start but it would be... unfortunate if they nerfed a 13 celebrity weapon into a 3 star or something similar. I really could see a 13 falling to a 12 or 11, maybe even 10 star with valid reasoning and sufficient new gear to locate. However, more than this would be ridiculous. And if affixes are not taken over it puts a hamper on attempting to affix items to PSO2 Meseta for sale be great equipment. Might as well just slap a couple of decent ones on there for low cost and wait patiently until NG comes out to determine how they do affixing in it.

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