Yea this thought isnt for an immediate ban, no.

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I think that I have found you could always have mistakes in the machine, but you can do it after having a 2 or 5 click. There are many programs that run on RuneScape gold you have to click a few times before it will initiate itself. So just do exactly the same idea but run down it a little. Skillers would become prime targets with this system, as it might log people who try to do the identical thing repeatedly. I am trying to work out a little additional information and I'll add them when I get them completely worked out. I am attempting to make it even more non-macro friendly. . .lol...

I'm thinking it would work if you merely monitored the well know areas were macroers work, like in draynor. That is where I usually go and get willows. I usually find anywhere from 10- 25 macroers ever few hours there, only within my world. All that I'm asking is a program that will monitor the stated areas. Additionally, it will have a perfect view to the trees and also will have the ability to record all that hit on the trees and then you're going to have the ability to see a list of those players, levels in WC and comb. The levels of comb right there ought to help weed out most macroers.

This app will also take screen shots. The screen shots will be taken every so often on players that are thought to be more macroing. The screen shots will probably cause lag to the match so if anyone has any better ideas here please post on that. But the entire idea of a screen shot is to identify whether the participant is speaking in any way. Many Macroers have a script that will enable players to speak with you personally and you will have a set question or Old School RS Gold questions that the program will respond to. The screen shot will just help check the conversation on such player.

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