Advantages of digital printing machine

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The digital printing machine prints computer files directly on paper, and prints one sheet, without plate making, imposition, color correction, etc., instant error correction, variable data, printing on demand. Compared with traditional printing presses, its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Convenient and fast

Digital printing has an absolute advantage in small and medium batch printing and urgent documents because it eliminates tedious procedures such as plate making, imposition, and color correction. All electronic documents generated by typesetting, design software and office application software can be directly output to digital printers.

2. Economic and environmental protection

The digital printing machine does not need to make a plate, no plate fee is generated, and costs are saved; the traditional printing machine requires a plate fee regardless of the number, which is high, usually: 500 yuan-1000 yuan/㎡. In addition, the digital printing machine does not need washing, no waste ink discharge, no waste gas flexographic production, and lower carbon and environmental protection.

3. Flexible and efficient

The comprehensive digitization of digital printing can provide more flexible printing methods, that is, printing and printing while printing, and realizing zero inventory in the true sense. This flexible and fast printing method enhances customers' advantages in a competitive environment where every second counts. Because pattern design does not require traditional printing methods, the design is more free. It can give full play to the designer's professional ability, personalize and customize, and tailor the most suitable products for customers.

4. Product quality

Digital printing adopts inkjet printing technology, which can be divided into ink printing and UV printing according to the printing effect of ink color. With the continuous improvement of digital printing technology, the printing effect of WDR200 series can be comparable to traditional high-definition ink printing, while the WDUV series can achieve the spot color printing effect of traditional offset printing.

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