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Business training is an inclusive learning and development process that involve the acquisition of certain specialized skills, qualifications, and knowledge to be able to improve employee productivity. Business training often involves teaching new employees how to carry out their current work, introducing a newly designed process or software to existing staff, or helping an current department to become more successful. The overall objective of company training is to help employees use knowledge learned in a constructive manner within the office. It should also lead staff to develop skills that are useful for them outside of the workplace, in their own community, and in their personal lives.

The corporate training process is quite broad and spans many distinct aspects of the business world. Some of these aspects include learning about new technological improvements that can benefit a business, or changes that might affect the sort of work an individual does. These kinds of training programs are commonly referred to as development programs. They are generally coordinated by the corporate office and implemented at the onset of an organization's presence or in the start of a new one. There are numerous reasons why an organization requires the development of training programs, but they all come down to a single fact: a business has to be efficient and effective in order to become profitable.

Development programs can take a large amount of time and may sometimes require that staff members are relocated or reassigned within the company. These kinds of programmatic training programs are often administered by the department or division responsible for implementing new technological advancements, such as the introduction of new computer systems. The objective of the type of business training program is to make certain that employees use the new technologies and that they are appropriately trained in the operation and use of the new gear.

The development of corporate training programs can be administered by a variety of means. These include the employment of external trainers, the institution of workshops with facilitators, and the production of training videos and CDs. These corporate training programs can be distributed on a regular basis to all employees and managers. Sometimes, the programs are available for employee training sessions only, while in other cases employee involvement in development programs is optional. Training videos and CDs could be used for informal team building exercises, formal presentations, and final exams.

The evolution of corporate training applications has numerous advantages. The most obvious benefit is that development programs eliminate the need for employees to learn the entire process of a new technological system through the slow and tedious process of instruction. This is a valuable asset to any organization, because training can become boring and repetitious, and worker retention and motivation can be quite poor. 

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