Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Manufacturer Introduces The Details Of Using Motors

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Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Manufacturer introduces the preparation work before using the motor:

1. For new or long-term out-of-service motors, check the insulation resistance between windings and windings to the ground before use. Usually, use a 500V insulation resistance meter for motors below 500V; use a 1000V insulation resistance meter for motors with 500-1000V; use a 2500V insulation resistance meter for motors above 1000V. The insulation resistance should not be less than 1MΩ per kilovolt working voltage, and it should be measured when the motor is cooled.

2. Check whether there are cracks on the surface of the motor, whether the fastening screws and parts are complete, and whether the motor is in good condition.

3. Check the reliability of the motor drive mechanism.

4. According to the data shown on the nameplate, whether the voltage, power, frequency, connection, speed, etc. are consistent with the power supply and load.

5. Check whether the ventilation of the motor and the lubrication of the bearings are normal.

6. Pull the motor shaft to check whether the rotor can rotate freely and whether there is noise during rotation.

7. Check whether the brush assembly of the motor and the brush lifting mechanism are flexible and whether the position of the brush lifting handle is correct.

8. Check whether the motor grounding device is reliable.

Through the above introduction,Roller Blinds Motor Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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