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How to Crack UPSC in the First Attempt?


Qualifying for the UPSC exam has been a dream for all of the aspirants. One of these students' main aims is to try and crack the UPSC exam in the first attempt. However, they keep looking for ways to learn how to crack UPSC in the first attempt. Here are a few steps that Pradip Sarkar from Sapiens IAS tells us about.


1.    Before beginning with the exam preparation, we suggest you go through the syllabus and exam pattern. It will help you get an idea of what will be asked in the exam, and you can also avoid the chapters that will be given fewer marks in the syllabus. 

2.    With the help of anthropology classes by Pradip Sarkar, you can find the best anthropology study notes prepared by the experts, especially for the students.

3.    One of the best and most important pieces of advice we will recommend is to make a newspaper reading routine. The Hindu and Indian Express will be the most preferred newspapers for your current research.

4.    Always decide the best optional subject that you can choose for your UPSC mains. A lot of students are wondering which optional subject is better for UPSC. For them, we'd say it's all up to you. However, at Sapiens IAS, as far as our experts are concerned, we can suggest that anthropology has become the most preferred optional subject by students.


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