Kids balance bike exercise children's sense of independence

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Cycling is a fun and healthy way to exercise. Many parents and children bring a bicycle to their children when they go for a walk. But before the baby learns to ride a normal bicycle, it is best for parents to let the child use a kids balance bike without pedals.

Compared with ordinary bicycles with pedals, this kind of scooter is safer and more suitable for children from 2 to 5 years old to practice. The balance bike has no chains and pedals, and it is completely dependent on children to slide on their own Moving forward is a good transition product before riding a bicycle. Because the baby does not slide too fast with his feet, the risk is relatively low, and this kind of balance training bicycle can also lay a good foundation for children to ride bicycles with pedals in the future. It will be easier for children to ride the bicycle after adapting to this bicycle. some.

The balance bike can also exercise children's self-confidence ability while exercising balance. The more dare to contact the outside world, the more helpful the child's independence ability.

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